There are a number of famous London residents whose legacy is commemorated in public sculpture. These include Sir Winston Churchill, Oscar Wilde, Agatha Christie, Sir Thomas More, William Shakespeare, and John Wesley, to name but a few. After visiting some of these statues in central London, the tour then includes a visit to the National Portrait Gallery, to see paintings of many other residents including Charles Dickens, Michael Caine, Benedict Cumberbatch, David Bowie and Michael Faraday. The tour begins in Westminster where many of these statues are located before making our way to the National Portrait Gallery.

Cost £225*

*The tour cost is for a group of up to 10 persons and NOT per person. So, for example, a group of 5 persons the cost is £45 per person. The fee does NOT include admission to any of the sites, or travel costs. Mine are covered.


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