Our final tour in this series, again looks at all three of the artists who at other various times returned to London and other parts of the UK creating many other wonderful views that we can still recognise today. We begin in 1871 when Monet also painted views of Hyde Park and Green Park, motifs that Pissarro also painted in 1890 on his return to London. He also painted a view of Kensington Gardens and then in 1892 stayed in southwest London, where he painted several views of Kew Gardens and the surrounding area.  On his last visit in 1897 his paintings centred round the Bedford Park area of west London. In the same year Sisley returned to the UK, but visited Wales, painting many coastal views of the area.


When is this tour running?  

Tuesday 12th January 2021 7pm

Saturday 6th February 2021 5pm

How do I book?

These tours can be booked through Eventbrite