The third in our series of tours concentrates on Alfred Sisley, perhaps the least known of the Impressionists and yet the only one who stayed loyal to the aesthetic qualities of Impressionism for his whole career. In the summer of 1874 Sisley came to stay in the area known as East Molesey, close to Hampton Court, on the edge of southwest London. Here he captured the essence of leisurely life on the upper reaches of the River Thames. The area has changed very little since Sisley’s time here, which makes following in his footsteps relatively straightforward. Every summer, since Sisleys’s colourful depictions of the event in 1874, the regattas are still held on the same stretch of water today.


When is this tour running?    

Saturday 9th January 2021 5pm

Thursday 4th February 2021 7pm

How do I book?

These tours can be booked through Eventbrite