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Michael is an art and design historian with over twenty years experience as a writer and lecturer on the subject at Masters level. Created around half day (4 hours) and one-day walking tours (7 hours), these London art and design tours can be customised to suit your own interests. However, here are a number of 4 hour tours regularly undertaken by Michael as follows:


Art Nouveau had a profound influence on European art and design at the turn of the nineteenth century. Its genesis was in Paris but there are a number of antecedents to the style in British Arts and Crafts. However the full-blown style with its decorative and elaborate sinuous lines found a number of different resonances in European capitals such as Munich, where it was known as Jugendstil, Barcelona where it was known as Modernisma, and the Stile Liberty in Milan, Britain like its originators in Paris and Brussels used the term Art Nouveau, and created a variation of the motif.  We will visit a number of buildings in London that adopted the style before visiting the V&A Museum to see some of the furniture, jewellery and other artefacts connected to Art Nouveau.


From October 2019 Michael will be running a small number of short courses on particular topics, such as French Impressionism and Post Impressionism, The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, JMW Turner, William Morris and the Arts and Crafts Movement in Britain, and early Modernism in England.

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